Thompson 6400 Mixer Grinder


Heavy duty industrial machines.
Strong frame construction fully seam welded inside and outside the bowl.
Manufactured to withstand the demands of high volume production.

Stainless steel construction
Stainless steel heads and feed screws.
Heavy duty stainless steel mixing paddles.

The Thompson 6000 Series mixer grinders are heavy duty industrial machines designed specifically for large volume mixing and grinding.

Built to Thompson’s high standards of construction and finish, the 6000 Series delivers high performance and reliability consistently. Thompson mixer grinders are used extensively in many high production facilities.

The 6000 Series mixer grinders have the capacity to grind fresh meat, frozen meat (40mm cubed or flaked at -10° Celsius) and other various products.

The Thompson 6000 Series mixer grinders are capable of production outputs of:

6000-8000 kg/hr (100-130 kg/min) Primary cut through 10mm Hole Plate.
3600-5400 kg/hr (60-90 kg/min) Secondary cut through 3mm Hole Plate. (Depending on the product, temperature of product, cutting system and model used).

The 6000 Series mixer grinder cutting systems are driven by high-performance motors through independent helical reduction gear units. The motor size is determined by the model and the customer product processing requirements, they may vary from 21-21 kW 2 speed to 37kW inverter driven option.

The combination of an exceptional paddle design, multi-directional bowl transfer screw and separate grinding feed screw delivers tremendous versatility of mixing and grinding capabilities to suit many applications.


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