Talsa K50 NEO Bowl Cutter / Chopper


  • Detachable 6-knife head and compensation rings for use with 3 knives.
  • High-quality knives from BE-GW Steffens (Germany), adjustable to minimum distance to bowl.
  • Optimised cavity design uses bottom of the stainless steel lid to also cut.
  • Temperature sensor (ºF/ºC) located in the cutting cavity for precise measurement of product temperature in friction.
  • Control panel with large 7″ digital touch screen and 6 membrane pushbuttons.
  • Variable high cutting speed from 1.000 to 4.000 rpm.
  • 4 pre-selectable knife speeds: 1.000, 2.000, 3.000 and 4.000 rpm.
  • Variable bowl speed from 6 to 18 rpm, 4 pre-selectable speeds.
  • Knife shaft designed with dynamic 3D modelling to achieve further reduction of vibrations.
  • Slow mixing speed variable from 50 to 200 rpm, forward & reverse.
  • 4 pre-selectable speeds: 50, 100, 150 and 200 rpm.
  • Variable mixing bowl speed from 6 to 10 rpm.
  • IP65 watertight electric cabinet.
  • Bearings without maintenance, guaranteed 2 years.
  • Polished surfaces, without corners, with CE radius to facilitate cleaning and comply with the highest hygienic requirements.
  • Hygienic labyrinth in the knife head to prevent meat dough from entering the shaft / bearings.
  • Electronic device to avoid condensation inside the machine.
  • Bottom of machine closed with labyrinthine breathing slots.
  • Removable lid/bowl friction band to facilitate cleaning.
  • High power to cut compact and dogged meat:  – K50nb: 22 HP / 16,5 kW – K50npp (with PowerPlus option): 32 HP / 23,5 kW.
  • High energy efficiency class IE3 globally, with high performance ABB motors and VDF electronic frequency converters.
  • Machine frame, bowl and all bolts & screws 100% stainless steel AISI304.
  • Very solid construction. Strong machine frame.
  • Solid bowl made of robust stainless steel cast, with liquid drain plug.
  • Bowl capacity K50npp: up to ±37 kg (±82 lbs) soft meat or ±25 kg (±55 lbs) dogged meat. K50nb: ±32/±20 kg (±71/±44 lbs).
  • Motorised stainless steel knife lid for effortless lifting and lowering.
  • Smooth start and stop of knives and bowl due to next generation electronic frequency converters.
  • Automatic electronic knife safety brake.
  • Thermal protection on all motors.
  • Adjustable NGI Denmark feet, non-slip and vibration absorbing.
  • Noise protection plastic cover with CE when opening and returning to the previous speed when closing.
  • Standard voltage 400/380 V, other voltages available.


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