Metcalf NS350AG Slicer


Automatic Gravity Feed Slicers

  • Extra heavy duty, gear driven automatic slicer designed to cut large quantities of food
  • Designed to effortlessly handle heavy loads like bacon and large pieces of meat that might cause slipping and/or blade stoppage on a belt driven machine
  • Suited to large restaurants, supermarkets, delis, butchers and central production kitchens/canteens, where high volume slicing of a variety of meat types is required and precise control of the automatic slicing feature is necessary
  • Two independent motors (one for blade and one for carriage movement)
  • Can be used as a fully automatic slicer or switched to manual
  • Covered by Metcalfe 2 year warranty (1st year parts and labour, 2nd year parts only) and full after sales service


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