Foodlogistic DicR® Capacity 120/126/140


Hand diced results are achieved by using the unique four-dimensional pre-compression which quite simply holds the fresh meat firm while it is being cut through extremely long grid blades. Four dimensional pre-compression guarantees for the perfect cutting edges all-around.

Refined shape of the slice-cut knife ensures a powerful, smooth and clean cut. Ergonomic single-handed operation with lengthwise chamber opening; extra durable cutting grids to cope with hardest workload as standard feature, including a time saving double chamber system assures loading and dicing together.

Piston advance at choice continuous for high volume cutting with double or four-bladed knife or intermittent cutting with single cut knife achieving precise cubes. Minimum set up time to change grid sets, no tools required!!


Capacity 126Capacity 120Capacity 140
Throughput2400 kg/h2400 kg/h3100 kg/h
Connect load4,3 kW4,3 kW4,3 kW
Chamber size126 x 126 x 530126 x 126 x 530140 x 140 x 530
Cross section120 x 120120 x 120120 x 120
Cutting length0 – 45 mm0 – 45 mm0 – 45 mm
L x W x H mm2030 x 1010
x 1490
2030 x 1010
x 1490
2030 x 1010
x 1490
Weight kg430430450


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