CP Rose Mk5 GE Cooker


The CP Rose MK5 GE ham boiler is a stand mounted water cooker capable of cooking up to 5 hams or other meat joints at any one time.

Manufactured in England to the highest specifications possible the MK5 GE ham boiler is made from polished stainless steel. During the manufacturing process the ham boiler is checked at each stage to make sure everything in the water cooker is correct.

Before the CP Rose MK5 GE ham boiler is dispatched the machine is tested for a full cooking period to again further test the water cooker.

The ham boiler is fitted with an insulated lid which is designed to fit snuggly on top of the water cooker preventing steam, vapour, and odour resistant seal.

The heating elements at the bottom of the inner pan of the ham boiler are grid elements (GE) and these are in direct contact with the water in the cooker. This gives the advantage of a fast heat transfer in the ham boiler and reduces the warm up time.

If you are thinking of using the machine to cook anything other than ham or meat joints in cooking bags then this can cause a problem, where you product touches the elements and sticks to them. In this case we would recommend the CP Rose Mk5 RE water cooker.


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£3,695.00 excluding VAT


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