Weinert Meat Tying Machine


The TGM350 meat tying machine is used to bind meat joints with tying string.

After using the TGM 350 meat stringing machine, you will realise that this meat tying machine is built to do the job.

Several years of industry development coupled together with high quality German engineering makes the TGM 350 tying machine probably the most reliable meat stringing machine on the market.

There are many features that make the TGM 350 meat stringer special and one of these is the robust stainless steel knotting head being positioned to the left of the tunnel.
This innovation helps prevent the knotting head being contaminated with moisture or product & string waste.
By keeping the knotting head clean and lubricated you can expect fantastic reliability and the avoidance of premature part failure.

The TGM350 meat tying machine features a heavy gauge stainless steel construction, low maintenance layout and single  – double stringing with twine or elastic making the TGM 350 a meat stringing machine you can’t afford to be with out.


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