STARRETT Sharpening Steel Protector Box of 12


Starrett Sharpening Steel Protector Box of 12

Antimicrobial Sanitized Guard Polypropylene

for Hand & Wrist Protection – Durable & Easy-to-Clean

Knife Sharpener Accessory

  • The Starrett Sharpening Steel Protector is made from high-quality polypropylene that guarantees long-lasting use.
  • This steel protector comes with Sanitized Antimicrobial Protection, which prevents bacterial growth and ensures hygiene.
  •  This sharpening protector is easy to clean. Note: The guards should be soaked in hot water before being fitted to the rods for the first time, to ensure they have a tight fit when they cool down and do not become loose.
  • The polypropylene structure of this sharpening steel protector provides extra protection for the hand and wrist while sharpening knives.
  • Multi colour’s Available on Request


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£46.44 excluding VAT


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