STARRETT 2520 x 420th Bandsaw Blade


Starrett 2520 x 420th

(2520mm x 16 x 0.50 x 4)

1 Pack of 5 Blades for £29.80 Plus Vat

Normal Price for 25 Blades £140.25 Plus Vat

SPECIAL OFFER  25 BLADES + 5 FREE FOR £140.25 Plus Vat

 Premium bandsaw blades for cutting meat. Equipped with precision-ground, hardened teeth ensure faster and more precise cuts while minimizing waste.
These blades improve efficiency and offer versatility for a wide range of applications, where extra cleanliness and sanitation are required, these stainless-steel bandsaw blades offer the high
quality of all bandsaw blades, plus high rust proofing properties for maximum safety, Strong and flexible bandsaw blades. Ready to tackle the toughest meat production cutting with ease and precision.
Our bandsaw blade specifically designed to maximise yield, offering fast, smooth, and clean cuts. Ideal for cutting frozen fishfish blocks, and meat. For single or multiband machines
• High carbon steel with a polished finish
• Precision ground, hardened teeth
• Engraved laser identification
• Highly durable blades with stronger teeth
• Fast, smooth, and clean cuts
• Guarantee of origin and traceability
• Great general purpose for fresh or frozen meat
• Suitable for cutting meat with bone or boneless
• Ideal for butcher shops, cold stores, and supermarket’s

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5-Pack, 25-Pack, 25-Pack + 5 Free (Special Offer)


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£29.80£140.25 excluding VAT


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