REX RVF436 / S


The 400 Series has shown itself to be flexible like the RVF 540: this is as suitable for the smaller or medium-sized meat-processing operations as it is for larger, highly specialized companies.

Its smooth surface, hygienically designed machine housing is intended to save space, is self-supporting and made entirely of stainless steel. The reinforced model of the large cell-feed system guarantees extraordinary portioning accuracy for a maximum service life. No crushing or smearing: it also guarantees transport that protects all the fillings, especially for larger sausage meat portions, pieces of meat or raw sausage product applications. The rotors are available with eight, twelve or 14 slide gates, alternatively also with blind vanes.

Thanks to the newly developed swing arm elevator , the hopper of the RVF400 can be filled simply and without any mess. The hoppers are available in a variety of sizes to suit the particular operation:

* 100 litre hopper fold- away
* 160 litre hopper fold- away
* 250 litre hopper fold- away
* 350 litre hopper fold- away

The series touch screen control enables a very simple operation. It is suitable for all applications, even for controlling various clip machines, REX suspension all type of clipping machines or other attachments. The “REX Servodrive” rounds off the innovative control concept. The rotating or rigid case holding device makes it easy to twist off artificial and natural sausage skins.
Features that characterize the Series 400

• A design that surpasses all hygienic requirements
• Solid machine body, manufactured completely from stainless steel
• A large foot-board supports the product change and cleaning
• Modern servo drive concept for accurate portioning
• Low energy consumption
• Simple operation thanks to touch screen operation
• Extremely low-noise and smooth operation
• Simple to fill thanks to fold – away hopper
• Large feed system gently transports of the product

The all-rounder for small and medium-sized businesses

The power packages for industry

Servo twisting motor


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