The RKF 130 is designed for small and medium enterprises with frequent changes in the product range and small quantities of sausage meat. Filling, portioning and twisting off – the RKF 130’s innovative technology combines all these facilities with that of a conventional piston filler.

Filling takes place from the cylinder of a rotary piston. This combination ensures exact portioning as well as gentle treatment of the sausage meat. The twisting-off drive is integrated into the conveyer outlet, thus shortening production paths. Smearing and sausage meat residue are kept at a minimum.

The generously-dimensioned touchscreen controller has been specially adapted to meet the needs of the industry. The large 12-inch touch screen allows all setting values to the easily readable in the display and be changed at any time during operation. 200 programmable memory locations make changing the product easier, and troubleshooting is simplified because all operating failures are displayed directly.

It goes without saying that the RKF 130 can always be fitted with a rotating or rigid casing holding device to make it easier to twist off artificial or natural casings.

Features that make the RKF 130 stand out: 

* Piston cylinder with 30 litres volume
* Unique hygienic design
* machine body made completely from stainless steel
* Modern drive technology
* Minimal energy consumption
* 12“ touch screen controller
* Runs extremely quietly and smoothly
* Reliability through quality


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