Mainca RM20A Mixer Kneader


  • Unique mixing concept that ensures a perfect mix in the shortest of times, with both forward and reverse action. The RM range allows the operator to obtain a total homogenous mix with little air.

The machines are manufactured entirely out of stainless steel with observation slots in the lid. The bowl is easily tilted for emptying, and is provided with a nudge button to ease this process.

The paddles can be easily removed for cleaning, and are carefully designed to ensure the bowl contents are thoroughly mixed.

Capacity of bowl 20 litres / ± 12 Kg.

Drive: very silent gear motor.


Single phase of 0.33 HP / 0.24 kW (230V 50Hz)

Base dimensions: 39 x 27 cm

Construction: Made of stainless steel 18/10.

  • Suitable not only for the meat industry but also for hotel and catering to dress salads, mixing and seasoning, etc.
  • Double rotation of paddles: in one direction they mix the ingredients and in the other they knead, eliminating the air inside the dough.
  • Uniform mixing and kneading without air pockets, which is essential for dry cured sausages.
  • It can work both with a small amount or fully loaded.
  • High absorption of liquid. The mixers can, with breaker bars removed, double as massaging/marinating machines on chicken breasts, boneless pork chops or beef steaks.
  • T-shaped mixing paddles are manually dismantled without the use of tools.
  • Tilted bowl to empty the product.
  • Complies with EC regulations.
  • Leasing Cost From £9.65 Plus Vat Per week.
  • Subject to Status


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