Mainca RC40 Mixer Kneader


Mainca Kneader mixer machines mix a variety of products – from sausage mixes to coleslaw, sandwich fillings to powders – ensuring a perfect mix in a short time.

They deliver better results through their unique paddle system that minimises product stress and reduces the “tearing” effect of double action mixers.
The finished product will have less heat rise due to rapid mixing time, resulting in longer product shelf life.

They are extremely versatile, blending everything from sausage meat to potato salad with the same fast, gentle action. The mix is fast, thorough, yet very gentle mix through our exclusive ‘fold and divide’ blending action that guarantees even dispersal.

They are easy to clean as both the paddles as well as the breaker bar assembly are easily removed .
The mixers can, with breaker bars removed, double as massaging/marinating machines on chicken breasts, boneless pork chops or beef steaks.

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£3,130.00 excluding VAT


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