Formatic R2200


The Formatic R2200 burger machine is the perfect solution to your food forming and portioning requirements.
The Formatic burger machine is able to form a wide range of products including meat, fish, potato, vegetable and ethnic, butter, cheese as well as bakery and confectionary into a variety of different shapes and sizes. The Formatic burger machine is the industry standard for small to high volume food producers.

The R2200 burger machine comes as standard with a 15kg hopper and fitted with either a 100mm or 118mm burger drum. The burger making machine is capable of producing 2200 burger per hour but comes with a variable speed control so you are in control of how fast it works.
The burger making machine is suited to a variety of mixtures and numerous textures and consistencies and uses synchronised paddles to gently press the mixture into the required shaped drum.

Various different shaped drums can be bought for the Formatic burger machine, from simple circle or rectangles to more complex shapes like Christmas trees, gingerbread men etc. The only thing that limits you is the available size on the actual drum itself.

The Formatic burger machine comes as standard with a auto paper attachment, which places a burger paper on the bottom of each burger, and assisted by the wire drum scraper the formed product is then smoothly ejected onto the conveyor belt, presenting it for packaging or additional processing.


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£3,689.00 excluding VAT


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