Commercial Vacuum Tumbler Marinating Machine 45 liters | Adexa VT45 USED



Marinade machine (also known as Tumbling Machine or Bloating Machine) makes regular foods become gourmet meals using spices, dry rubs and salad dressing.

It has a large capacity for large cuts of meat,

whole chickens, racks of ribs, turkey breasts ets.

Can also used to marinade chicken, meats, vegetables, salads and desserts.

It is easy to clean. The revolving speed is 27 rounds per minute. You can marinade 45 liters at a time.

Vacuum tumblers made for customers processing small to medium batches of marinated products.

Designed to increase yield, tenderize, reduce cooking time and evenly distribute flavor throughout meat, fish and poultry.

  • Fast curing and power
  • Soften meat and helps it absorb spices, salt and marinades.
  • Very simple to operate, also easy to load or unload.
  • All material is high grade foot quality stainless steel SUS304 that will keep the machine healthy and long lasting.
  • The motor has a brake function which prolongs the life of the machine.
  • The leaves of the roller can make the raw material marinate more evenly.


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