Bizerba GSP Gravity Slicer


This manual commercial meat slicer uses gravity and is easy to operate even when slicing heavy products thanks to its ergonomic, inclined carriage and the Bizerba precision. It stands out due to its wealth of variants. Also perfectly suited to nearly all commercial food production environments. From Large Kitchens to small delicatessens. Built with hygiene and safety in mind as well as being easy and intuitive to use.

In addition the GSP H commercial meat slicer has a host of options available to include but not limited to as follows. Different blade versions for different products, Multiple blade covers to ensure extra safely when not in use. Special product clamping devices and clamps depending on the products that need to be sliced. for example delicate products such as tomatoes will have a different clamp to cooked meats.
The units also include the Hygiene and safety packages with include;Safety

  • Illumination: Visual display showing the current device mode
  • Automatic switch-off function after a preset time interval
  • Automatic start/stop function via the slice thickness button
  • Stable blade guard and cover


  • Smooth, rounded surface without seams
  • Drain on gauge plate
  • Guided run-off of meat and product juices
  • Ceraclean® surface
  • Generous distance between motor tower and blade
  • Removable, dishwasher-safe sharpener

Individual and powerful commercial meat slicer for a variety of products to be sliced in manual mode. This slicer consists of a powerful blade drive. In addition, the GSP H commercial meat slicer can be fitted with Ceraclean® surface which is easy to clean and ensures easy feeding of products to the blade.


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