Bandsaw Blade 1740 x 420th


Premium, high-quality bandsaw blades are suitable for multiple applications,

from a butcher’s shop to large processing plants,

Whether you are cutting frozen fish blocks or boneless product on single or multi-band machines,

These bandsaw blades are the best choice.

From cutting slightly thicker versions containing light bone,

to general meat or fish processing, to high volume or carcass splitting applications,

these bandsaw blades are the solution to meet your needs.

With the latest grinding technology to ensure consistency of Tooth Profile,

Teeth Set and Hardness to ensure the bandsaw blades and coil provide customers with longer lasting blades.

They offer the sharpest and smoothest cuts,

​All SNP Food Machinery Bandsaw blades are coiled with care and are protected by special anti-corrosion packaging.

Also are

  • Sharper
  • Last Longer
  • Gives Clean Cuts
  • Reduce Material Waste
  • Minimum Down time
  • Permit High Setting Tolerances


Pack of 5 for £34.00+ Vat

Pack of 10 for £65.00 + Vat


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